Democratizing Frictionless Grab and Go

Kooick (pronounced “Quick”) empowers sellers with new opportunities to increase sales, build customer intimacy and reduce cost, by offering consumers last-mile, last-minute, personalized convenience.

Using Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence, we enable unattended self-service product purchasing and requisitioning. We identify and track inventory and transactions in ordinary spaces, such as inside refrigerators, freezers, cabinets, and kiosks, and transform them into interactive, automated vending and storage solutions.

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Why Kooick?

We develop low footprint, scalable, plug and play solutions, with an attractive total cost of ownership. We strive for an elegant, intuitive experience across our user base, from consumers buying merchandise, to sellers seeking operational excellence.

Kooick has a unique mix of expertise in computer vision, the Internet of Things and business software. We believe in customer centric configurations, based on factors such as use case and bandwidth constraints, including downloadable, installed and cloud-based software delivered as a service.

Kooick’s solutions are designed to comply with applicable laws and customer policies.

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Kooick Vending Machine

Solutions for Different Industries and Use Cases

We think of Grab and Go as a business process, with applications across industries and use cases. A few examples include automating sales for retailers and foodservice providers, tracking supply cabinet inventory for industrial manufacturers and healthcare providers, or offering convenient pickup and drop-off storage for delivery companies.

Vending machine for break rooms
Upgraded vending machines for break rooms
Self Service Pickup
Self service pickup for take-out at restaurants
Secure Storage
Secure storage for drugs in medical facilities
Secure Cabinets
Secure cabinets for high theft items in stores
Self Service for Cafeterias
Self service cafeterias supplied by central kitchens
Delivery Drop Points
Drop points for deliveries (integration with delivery apps)
Storage for MRO Supplies
Storage for MRO supplies in factories
Smart Fridges
Smart fridges and pantries for home use

Empower your Business with Intuitive Grab and Go

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Phone: 917-470-4808